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Mišto aviljan ka o Aj-Rromale! Kado blogo si pe kultura thaj nevimata le Řomenge, thaj vunivar le Phirutnenge. Na dara te de amenge vareso te arakhes, kaj interesno tumen si. Te interesnil pe kongodi te žutil amen le blogosa, phen amenge!
Welcome to Aj-Rromale, a blog about the culture and world news of Romani, and sometimes Travellers. Please, feel free to submit anything of interest that you find. If anyone is ever interested in helping to run this blog, please let us know!

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Te dikhes tire butja po kado vebsajto, thaj či mangan, ke avile kathe, te phen amenge thaj ame durjaras les.

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Alica Heráková: Who are to be our representatives? →

In discussions on the pages of the news server Romea ( www.romea.cz ) on various occasions debate between Roma and pro-Roma activists often returned to the issue of legitimacy - who actually can and should “act as Roma” or “Romanies representative”? Editor in Chief Paul Pečínka (Romano Newspaper) addressed a circle of contributors with a range of issues which can be summarized in one basic question of “who can act for the Roma?”

News Server Romea.cz will gradually post answers to this question by selected authors. The first answer is by Alica Heráková.

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