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I have the heart of a Gypsy, and live like a Gypsy, so of COURSE this photo shoot of Kate Moss is MY FAVORITE EVER!

^THIS is the kind of appropriative bullshit that makes me REALLY REALLY ANGRY. 

Firstly, the full photoshoot of this, they’re not ROMANI (therefore not gypsy), they’re freaking “New Gypsies” ie: New Travellers. AS IN APPROPRIATIVE ASSHOLES who CHOSE to go live in caravans and tents and can choose any TIME to leave.

To whoever blogged this: I’m pretty sure you don’t have the “heart of a gypsy” nor “live like a gypsy”. Trust me. It’s nothing like you think it is. 

Some days I just can’t TAKE this—yet I’m expected to sit silently by and not say a word about the appropriation and misrepresentation of my people…

I look at the “Gypsy” tag less and less these days for this crap, ugh.

I have one question though… seriously, who gives a fuck? chill man. it doesn’t matter. if anything, it’s funny. life is good.

Whoa. How can you reblog this with that statement, and immediately afterword reblog a news bulletin about the plight of the Romani???

And, hm! The Romanies give a fuck. Their allies give a fuck. Their culture is always being appropriated, skewing the perception of them even further.

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