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Rex Von Wriste is young, Rom and American. →

Also, he is very interesting!

Contributing Writer: ‘Rex Von Wriste’  Poet, Writer, Philosopher and Musician Rex Von Wriste is an American Rom based in Los Angeles.   “Being Roma is a very large part of who I am.”

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We’re Not Oppressed In America?!


What do people mean we are not oppressed?!

My family hid their ethnicity since coming to this country. Maybe I should start posting ignorant and racist asks, taking pictures of some of the private messages that I have received for speaking on behalf of my ethnicity.

We are NOT even recognized as an ethnic minority here. That means we have one Hell of a time reporting hate crimes, which do occur. There are still “gypsy” crime units in police departments throughout the south. They don’t prosecute ethnic Romani; they prosecute nomadic criminals. What sort of racist message does that send.

I live in PA. In New Jersey, Romani people were not allowed to rent property, sell certain goods, and host gatherings until 1998. That’s not a mistake: 1998.
Until 1998, it was LEGAL for New Jersey state government to enact laws prohibiting the movement and economic well being of Romani persons.

We are constantly accused of not paying taxes, stealing, and being con artists. We have to sit there and listen to off hand comments & racist remarks and cannot say anything about it because we would give up our ethnicity.

No, it’s not as bad as Europe, but it’s not exactly good here, either. Why do you think so many of us claim other ethnicities. Because it’s better to be anything else but Romani in America.

Just the other day, someone spat at my fucking car after looking at me. That’s what we get just for being Romani in public.

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Invisible minorities


I really cannot stand stand when people say “you’re not being oppressed in the US” because, one, you’re not Romani, you can’t tell me how bad my ethnicity is off here.  That’s not for you to gauge.  Secondly, there are numerous ways Romani people are being oppressed in America.  It may not be as bad as Europe, where in many places our basic rights are stripped, we are murdered, raped, and physically assaulted for no reason other than our ethnicity, but there are plenty of harmful ways we’re oppressed in America.

My ethnicity is limited in representation in America.  We have mystical depictions, that oversexualize Romani women, such as Disney’s Esmerelda.  We have “reality shows” that exploit our culture, call us slurs, and oversexualize us, how us as uncivilized and thieves.  This is how most Americans know us.  SO when one of us does come out and say “I’m Romani” and have to explain that it’s related to “gypsy” we are associated with this representation.  These depictions have led to immediate xenophobia and antiziganism.  Our culture is constantly appropriated  in America as well, which I have touched on in several posts.  The word gypsy is now used to describe any sort of trend, when the word itself hurts us all on different levels.  

When we are out and we wear traditional clothes, such as the diklo (a traditional head covering) we’re often ostracized and assumed to be muslims (and many of us are) which leads to islamophobia, which is extremely prevalent in America.  

Along with this, we’re not recognized as an ethnic minority in America yet, though up to a million people in America claim Romani as an ethnicity.  I still have to select other on any form, and that’s how I feel in America.  Invisible.  Othered.  Not wanted.

On a regular basis i have to hear that my ethnicity is not wanted.  That we are thieves.  That we’ve plagued Europe and now we’re doing the same to America.  That I should die in a gas chamber.  That Hitler was right.  That my culture isn’t real. And that I don’t matter.  

Tell me now that I’m not oppressed.  Try taking a walk in my shoes. 

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The American Gypsies Fan Page


National Geographic Fan Page
Freaking fail. I thought you were better than this Nat Geo. You make Jesus cry.”

they should embrace evolution of cultures, there would be less drama in thier lives!”

“you people are so racist! if you have such a problem go back where you came from!!”

They are way too paranoid and racist”

I’m watching it now!:) also Romanian rules!:) I know cuz I’m full blood Romanian.”

Kon si kava.. gadjo kojr?! Ugh! Chaxo si thaj xoli mange..”

should had called this show American Gypsy Gangsters”

What i dont get is ,it says not all gypsies are fortune tellers but this show is all about a family who runs fortune telling places.”

Where are Erik, Joey, & Bobby’s wives? If the wife lives with her husbands family & family is everything then where are they?”

they are very prejudice and discriminating to Americans. Then why do they live here. if they don’t like us influencing them , then why live in this FREE country?”

What disgusting people.”

If you are law abiding citizens, how do you make your money????? You seem to have an easy way of life, with money and fancy cars, but it’s interesting to know how you earn that $$$”

Spain,and too many countries to mention,have fair skin. YOU ARE SO WRONG ABOUT RACE ETC. You condem people what have less melationin? What makes “non-WHITES” superior in your eyes????What is wrong with you. If you can’t play the victim then what will happen?”

There is an American Gypsies billboard in Times square, the cultural center of the world!:)”

In front of gaje eating mahrimé food.”

You are so proud of Romania? That is great! We are so PROUD of AMERICA Too!”

“This show is pretty shocking. Seemed to be a majority of male Neanderthals high on testosterone. Totally embarrassed for for this “culture” [..]”


I’ve watched the TLC gypsy show and this gypsy show and I believe that American Gypsy is the true gypsies. […]”

I hate the racism of the whole gadje term […]”

“Remember the ones abusing the kid? Beating in the back seat after a failed shoplifting event in the car, Indiana on YouTube? Texan clan. Funny how we never heard any more from major media for a follow up-no Nancy Grace follow up? Strange. Move along fast people… ”

Unofficial Fan Page:

“This is retarded.”

“Gypsies are all scam artists.”


“This show makes me so angry fuck them all, […]. If they don’t like the American way get the hell out of here!!!!!”

”[…] if u want to preserve your culture go back to romani india……i cant stand your show its garbage […]”

”[…] and if you gypsies all claim your women are all phsychic thats bullshit your just letting everyone know that its a fake…..your born with something like that not brainwashed into it”

“His father is a dipstick and no one really knows what a “Gypsy” really is……….they have no true roots […]”

”[…] their faith is pathetic and these are generations of crystal ball readers / Cultist down to the bone and I love watching this show simply because they are so damn stupid and pathetic that it is humorous.”

Shouldn’t be called American gypsies if y’all are going to talk shit about Americans it’s a disgrace”

Gypsy! Give me your tears! If you will not give them to me, I will take them from you!”

This show is crap….The title shouldn’t have American in it. For as often as they put down “Americans” and keep reaffirming that their tradition is not to mingle with “Americans” or that their kids can’t marry an “American” they should just get the hell out if AMERICA!”

American Gypsies: Very Racist group of ppl trying to act “mafia”…Disgusting NatGeo….I thought better of NatGeo than this.”

Maybe this show will open American public’s eyes, and these scheming, racist, uneducated thugs will get kicked out of this country.”

They have every right to be here, but I’ve never witnessed such a bizarre, deluded, uneducated cult.”

Now I know why hitler hates you guys y’all are animals”
(Just so the world knows, this one brought me to tears.)

If you don’t like us.take your but back.I bet u take the money oh.good thing Roma not that way.”

bunch of wannabe gangsters„r deez buttmunkeys italian??? in any case they act like a bunch of dipshits….”

If you want to be hateful bigots only interested in your culture then please, leave America. After 9/11 we do not have a place in this country for such division. Gypsies are not better than us, nor we better than them. Welcome to America, melt with us or get the hell out. These people come across as some sort of lowbrow cross between the mafia and muslims.”

Thieves and Cons show sucks!!!!”

fucking gypsie turds”

These are the posts that were not deleted. National Geopgraphic can thank me for keeping a photographic log of all comments, so I can also share the best of all deleted posts at a later date.

Keep in mind this is after only two episodes of the nine episode series. I don’t know how many more “Get out of our country” comments we can take. It both angers me & amuses me what this show is doing to our culture. It also scares me.

People use any justification they can find for hate crimes, something which our people have been subject to for centuries and for which we often see no justice or apology. It frightens me, as well as many other American Romani, that people will take the out of context comments about “gadje” and “being American” and use these as a base for attacks on “gypsies”.

In a country where much of the south still has “gypsy” crime units & the racial epithet is used in media & fashion with no recourse or respect for ethnic people, it is not unfathomable that we will suffer greatly, while these networks make billions of dollars from our misery.

This is how America sees us now. This is a representative consensus of a opinions of not only the show, but our entire ethnicity.

I will not leave “your country”; it is for “your country” that most men in my family have served. My own father is a retired Marine. I had three cousins serve in Afghanistan & Iraq, one of whom also served in the first Gulf war. I have countless uncles who were drafted, or already in the military & served in Vietnam & Korea. The first American born male on my mother’s side enlisted during the Secona World War. The first Turcsik served this country before even becoming a citizen.

No, I will not leave. This is as much my country as it is yours. My children will have to grow up in this country. My brown skinned Romani children will suffer because of how the media choses to portray us. I pray you can sleep at night, Ralph Macchio, but I am a forgiving woman & would never wish the pain of my people on you, no matter what you’ve done to mine.

As my eyes turn glassy and I taste the salted anguish for the family and community I never had chance to love, I will pray for you, Ralph Macchio. I will pray for your soul every single day.

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Open Letter to Ralph Macchio



Ek lil andar Ralph Maccio; o gadjo kon kerdjan “American Gypsies”.


This is an open letter to Ralph Macchio, creator of the National Geographic series, ‘American Gypsies’. I not only recommend reading the letter, but also highly reccomend viewing the films linked at the bottom of the letter.

This show does great injustice to our culture. Like MBFAGW, this show has already directly caused instances of racism and discrimination. I will write more about the show and it’s inaccuracies at a later date. Thank you.

Open Letter to Ralp Macchio

Reblogging this letter again because it’s worth reading more than once.

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Rromane Sikljarimata and'o Teksasosko Universiteto (Kethano Drom) →

Dino sako bersh vajka primovare vajka tamne si ekh kurso angla e graduacija p’e rromane sikljarimata (and’o katalogo buchol “Gypsy Language and Culture”), thaj seminari partikolar si vunivar dine e maj vuche rrundoste pala e graduacija.

And’o universiteto si panch-shov membrura e fakultetoske intereznime thaj kaste si materiali pa’l Rrom ande penge klasura, thaj i sas membrura ande’l komitetura PHD thaj MA. O universitato e Teksasosko and’o Austin atunchi si but lacho than kaj te arakhen Tjiro kvalifikacija edukacijalni.

E vatra le kursoski si ande o dept. lingvistikalno numa si vi ande Studiji Azijane, Studiji Evropeane, Studihi Etnikalne, Studiji Slavichne thaj Evrazijane, Radio-Televizija-Filmo, Antropologija thaj Sociologija.

O ilo le kursosko si e chib amari. Vrjamasa e sikavimaske hatjerenas sar te parruven tekstura ekha alavarjasa, gazhikanes-rromanes thaj rromanes-gazhikanes. Le sekciji uladajile perdal o semestro, thaj keren fokus pe amari historija, e migracija, e kultura, o politik, e muzika, le xajimata, le munchi, o Porrajmos, e rrobija, e antirromizmo, e imazha le Rromengi, thaj e edukacija. Trubul Tuke te kines 390-patrjangi klishka le kursoske, katar o Speedway Copy ande o Dobie Mall (512-478-3334).

P’o pervo djes kam dav e anava vuni avre klishkjange kaj trubul Tuke. Kurso si kaj musaj te ramon makar tranda patrja ande duj hertiji – jekh avela arakhimata originalne thaj e aver avela rivju — so Tu gindis pa romano vaj shojo (filmo) kaj si les rromane xarakteri.

So maj, ekh dopashin Tjire paledne moleske avela katar shtar eksaminaciji kerde phandade klishkjansa and’o klaso perdal o semestro. Kol djesendar o universiteto phendjas ke mangel te barjol pesko fokus pe’l chiba thaj le kulturi ande e Sudazija¬kothal o spidipe maj te prinzharel e rromane sikljarimata feri shaj barjol. Aver universitetura ande’l Statura Kidine kaste si kursura p’e Rrom si The New University, Washington State, UCLA, Princeton, Michigan, Chicago, Maryland aj Pittsburgh.

Kethano Drom

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Born and raised on the banks of the river Volga in Russia, world renowned 7-string guitarist Vadim Kolpakov is one of the most prominent Romani musicians of his generation.

Starting from an early age and inspired by a musical family, his musical journey would take him out of his home town and eventually his home country. Now living in North Carolina, Kolpakov has toured all over the world with many ensembles including the famous “Kolpakov Trio.”

Arguably the pinnacle of his career so far came in 2008 when he toured with Madonna on her “Sticky and Sweet” tour of 2008-09.

The mercurial musician had the generosity to share some of his time to discuss all things Vadim Kolpakov, starting with where it all began.

Vadim recalled “My hometown of Saratov is in central Russia on the river Volga. My family is still there but I have not been back since 2009.

“Growing up in a Roma community in the city was OK in general. Just like in Eastern Europe, we suffered from some minor discrimination, things like name calling, but generally it was OK.”

Kolpakov continued, and explained that musical inspiration was never far away in his childhood.

“I was raised in a family who liked to perform. My father would lay the guitar and sing at parties while my mother would dance. Naturally, I started to follow their lead and play the guitar, sing and dance as well. At the time, break dancing was very popular and I was pretty good at it. Rap and hip-hop were also gaining some popularity.”

This was only the very beginning, as his talent and curiosity to learn more would take him to the Russian capital.

“However, it was my uncle Alexander who was the example to follow if I really wanted to be an artist. At the age of 14 I went to go and live with him in Moscow where I would learn the guitar. For six years I practiced every day with him. It was like my university. I studied at the Romani Performing Arts School Gilori and I performed at the Romen Theater.”


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Opre Roma: Gypsies in Canada by Tony Papa (Video) →

This documentary celebrates the vibrant culture and tenacious struggle of the Canadian Gypsy and introduces a new generation of Roma who claim their roots with pride. They call themselves by their rightful name, the Roma. Almost 80,000 call Canada home. Meet Julia Lovell, a passionate defender of Roma human rights, whose father is slowly gaining the confidence to reveal his heritage; and Karen Gray Boothroyd, a flamenco dancer just beginning to reclaim her Gypsy roots.

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Трансмиграция (Мы с тобой заодно) by Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello released their new album Моя Цыганиада which is basically an album that consists of old, new and covers of their songs and popular Russian songs.

Its really interesting hearing Hutz using his native tongue for once.

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USFers See Hungary From a Roma Perspective →

Edward Carpenter


Hungarian Roma teens pose for a photo.Photo by Will Neverman. 

When William Neverman ’11 landed in Budapest as part of an immersion trip to study cultural conflict and human rights violations involving the Roma, he never imagined that his photographs would cause gallery-goers to break down in tears.

But that was the situation Neverman found himself in as part of a pilot course called The Roma in Hungary: Understanding Ethnic Conflict, Advocating Human Rights. The course, led by the University of San Francisco’s Pedro Lange-Churion, associate professor of modern and classical languages, included Neverman and 10 others studying Hungarian and Roma art and history, and meeting with native Hungarian and Roma politicians, community leaders, artists, and university students. 

A major theme of the course was to use the camera’s lens, both figuratively and literally, to understand those photographed. Early on, USF students learned basic photography and began documenting their experiences with the Roma (also known as Gypsies) in candid photos. 

At the end of the month-long trip, the best student images were displayed as photo-essays at the Tűzraktér Gallery in central Budapest. Rather than depict the Roma through the lens of negative stereotypes that are so common in Hungary, the images captured by USF students revealed the Roma as everyday people in familiar situations, with dreams, ambitions, and problems relevant to anyone, said Lange-Churion.

“I recall our group mentor, Angela Kocze, a Roma woman who advocates for Roma rights, began to cry at the sight of the photographs,” said Neverman, a business student majoring in entrepreneurship. “At that point, I knew that our work was having an effect and accomplishing our goal to raise awareness about this complicated situation.”

The images affected Hungarians outside the Roma community as well, if in less obvious ways. 

During the trip, a Budapest radio station interviewed Lange-Churion and USF students about their experiences, encouraging them to explain the idea behind the class and their studies in Hungary. USFers also traveled to towns around the country with large Roma populations, even leading a marathon, six-hour reading of Romani poets in Szikszó — a town in northeast Hungary that has been prone to racial tension.

“The next day, the Szikszó mayor, who had heard of the event, invited the USF group to his office to officially welcome us and express his gratitude for what he called a healing event,” Lange-Churion said. 

Overall, the pilot immersion was a great success and helped expose USF students to the situation facing many Roma in Hungary and other parts of Europe, Lange-Churion said. “I think the students took a lot away from it,” he said. ”Enough that I’m already preparing for the trip next summer.”

(source: USF)

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Start Wearing Purple - Occupy Vermont

Gogol Bordello played an acoustic set at Occupy Burlington in City Hall Park, Burlington, Vermont. Thanks to Eugene Hutz and the entire band for coming down to support Occupy Vermont in Burlington.

(source: OccupyVermont)

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Gogol Bordello at Occupy Vermont (Burlington)

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Gogol Acoustic Bordello accompanied by Brett Hughes and Sean Preece playing a new country song written by Eugene Hutz

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