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Children bitten by rats in an Uzhhorod Roma settlement (Закарпаття онлайн) →

28 June, rats bit two children at night in a Roma settlement on the street of Hranitniy in Uzhhorod (micro-region of Radvanka). Amongst the victims of the rodent bites was an infant, whose face, arms and legs were bitten.

Serena Horvat, a young mother of three, had the electricity to her home cut off a day before these events due to debt. According to the Roma, this was what lead to this horrible event.

Mykola Baloh says that he brought the victims to a doctor and helped them acquire the necessary medications for the children. He also proposed to the Uzhhorod workers at REM a solution to the debt issue, by splitting the debt into several payments. However, they chose not to meet with him.

Закарпаття онлайн

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For the first time in Uzhhorod, a Roma woman was awarded "Mother - Heroine" →

As “The Transcarpathia Hour” has already reported that, yesterday, 20 June, a solemn ceremony was held in a small hall of Uzhhorod City Council, honouring women of the Transcarpathian region whom were given the honorary title of “Mother - Heroine” by the president of Ukraine. Ten women received the award from all over the country: from Tyachiv, Mizhhir, and Mukachevo districts.

In the city of Uzhhorod, this honorary title was awarded to the Roma woman Klara Yosypivna Baloh, who bore and raised ten children. This was also the first time this award was presented to Roma in Ukraine.

Час Закарпаття

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Мирослав Горват (Myroslav Horváth)

Video in Ukrainian. I can’t translate, but I can give the gist:

Interviews with Ukrainian Roma, saying why they need the same rights as everyone else. They can also have discotheques and run business, etc etc. They say how much they wish to have respect, to be treated well.

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Source: youtube.com

Firewood was distributed to Transcarpathian Roma from the foundation “Renaissance” (Photos) →

Закарпатським ромам роздавали дрова від фонду "Відродження" (ФОТО)

The action was financed by the programme “Roma of Ukraine” by the international foundation “Renaissance”. Myroslav Horvat, the expert of the programme board of “Roma of Ukraine”, controlled the due course of the handing out of wood. On-site distribution was by the members was observed by Uzhhorod district’s women’s NGO “Karmelita”, including its chairman Anzhelika Lakatosh.

In February, 2012, these supplies were held for Roma people in other locations of Transcarpathia, in particular Uzhhorod and the Uzhhorod district.

With the words of Horvat, such action is necessary, as the winter became very cold, but there is practically little wood around the Roma camps to heat homes and cook.

View More Photos ►

(source: “Закарпатським ромам роздавали дрова від фонду “Відродження” (ФОТО).”Закарпаття онлайн. Trans. Alisa Didkovsky. 2 Mar. 2012. Web. http://zakarpattya.net.ua/News/93676-Zakarpatskym-romam-rozdavaly-drova-vid-fondu-Vidrodzhennia-FOTO)

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You aren’t people - you need to be killed

“You are not people – you need to be killed” with these words, “Golden Eagle” held a regular practice in a Roma camp in Uzhhorod.

Traditionally, for many of our fellow Roma, this is a community which many of them would prefer not to remember. For one, they are all associated with theft, divination and scams. Folk wisdom kindly reminds us with sayings, such as “you lie like a Gypsy”. And yet, there is a tendency observed to further level the positive image of Roma in our lives. In Romantic films as “Gypsy” or “The Gypsy Camp Goes to the Heavens” have sunk into oblivion, and today’s Roma, no matter what politicians say, always to be remember on the eve of elections, discriminated against our fellow members of society.

Our site so far has not been able to learn the reasons behind the pogroms in the Roma camp on the streets of Hranitiy and Marka Vovchka in the Uzhhorod village of Radvanka. According to the locals, two buses of “Berkut” exploded at seven in the morning, 11 January, on the territory of the Roma camp – as explained the police, a practice.

But the results of this “practice” affected dozens of Roma, on which “Golden Eagle” used rubber batons and tear gas, not taking into account that before them were elderly people, disabled, pregnant women and children.

Three days after these events, which clearly resemble a true genocide, most of the residents of the Roma camps did not sleep at home. They are simply terrified of a repeat of the fight, more so, that many of them were threatened not to publicise information of the events of 11 January. Young Roma hide, even from the journalists, and a patient in the last stages of tuberculosis, Yosip Tyrpak, died today in hospital.

(source: "Ви не люди, вас треба убивати." Youtube. Trans. Alisa Didkovsky. 14 Jan. 2012. Web. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiwrRYmQPMg)

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Source: youtube.com

Little Romanies of Kholmok and Kontsovo celebrated Christmas with carols and poems →

More photos →

Yesterday, 8 January, the little Uzhhorod Romanies in the village of Kholmok and Kontsovo celebrated the Christmas holiday with carols and poems. This was all possible because of the charitable act by the Romani Youth Union “Romani Čerxenj” (Romani Star) of the Zakarpattia oblast.

Thus, lunch was served in the Romani church in Kholmok during the holiday prayers, and a small programme was held. The children sang, carolled, and recited poetry. Afterwards, around 35 little children were given candy sets as Christmas gifts by public activists (Ruszen Horváth, Ivan Balógh, Aladár Papp, Petra Rejpasi). The eyes of every child sparkled with happiness and gratefulness.

Immediately after the celebrations in Kholmok, the public activists of the organisation also visited the neighbouring Roma camp in the village of Kontsovo. The children here also met the guests with Christmas songs and poems. Then the activists gave out gifts of candy sets to at least 40 children.

“The International fund ‘Renaissance’ was a great help in our organising these acts,” commented the head of “Romani Čerxenj”, Myroslav Horváth. “For this I, as well as the Roma headman Adaljbert Benjak from the village of Kontsovo and Petra Rejpas of the village of Kholmok, and all the children and their parents are very grateful. The children felt the atmosphere of the season. The kids believed that even we can have Christmas and New Year’s miracles.”

(source: “Маленькі роми Холмока та Концова відзначили Різдво колядками та віршиками (ФОТО).” Час Закарпаття. Trans. Alisa Didkovsky. Час Закарпаття, 9 Jan. 2012. Web. http://chas-z.com.ua/social/malenki-romi-holmoka-ta-kontsova-vidznachili-rizdvo-kolyadkami-ta-virshikami-foto)

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Romani children of Kholmok met Christmas eve with a festive dinner →

50 Romani children met the approaching Catholic Christmas Eve for a festive Christmas dinner in the village of Kholmok, in Uzhhorod.

Yesterday, 23 December, the public organisation “Романі Черхень/Romani Čerxenj” (Romani Star) carried out a charitable act.

In addition to the holiday dinner for 50 children, the volunteers organised and held a small holiday programme. Then the young Roma read poems and sang.

“Our organisation carries out these acts regularly,” notes the head of the organisation, Myroslav Horvat. “This time we were supported by the International fund “Renaissance”. We are very grateful for this, in particular, and personally, the manager of the programme “Roma of Ukraine”, Natalia Kyyak, and the executive director, Yevhen Bystrystkiy”.

We note that in the village of Kholmok, the volunteers of “Romani Čerxenj” are organise a free lunch on weekdays for the Roma children.

Translated by Alisa Didkovsky

(source: Час Закарпаття)

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