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Mišto aviljan ka o Aj-Rromale! Kado blogo si pe kultura thaj nevimata le Řomenge, thaj vunivar le Phirutnenge. Na dara te de amenge vareso te arakhes, kaj interesno tumen si. Te interesnil pe kongodi te žutil amen le blogosa, phen amenge!
Welcome to Aj-Rromale, a blog about the culture and world news of Romani, and sometimes Travellers. Please, feel free to submit anything of interest that you find. If anyone is ever interested in helping to run this blog, please let us know!

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Pe-l fotura po kado vebsajto! Le fotura thaj nevimata po kado sajto naj amenge, te či phenas. Sa le kreditura dinile si, thaj das bišajimo vebsajtosko ke šaj arakhas e informacija.

Te dikhes tire butja po kado vebsajto, thaj či mangan, ke avile kathe, te phen amenge thaj ame durjaras les.

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Roza Erdenko. Photo from Erdenkos’ archive.

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Diana Savelieva’s Costume

Diana Savelieva is a musicals star, known for roles of Esmeralda and Haydée. Also she sings pop and folk Romani songs and Gypsy romances.

Tagged: romaniromaroma peopleromani peopleroma costumeromani costumeromani cultureroma cultureeurasiaeurasianeurasian cultureeuropean cultureeuropeangypsy culturegypsy costumes



Rada Vengelevaskayais a Gypsy singer from St-Petersburg.

Pictures taken by N.Bessonov.

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Nicolay Bessonov’s Gypsy Camp

(source: Цыгане России)

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Isabel Pantoja

A Spanish singer of Romani (Gypsy) origin born in the Triana district of Seville, Spain. She has released more than a dozen albums throughout a career spanning many decades, and is known for her distinctive Andalusian style.

Kale Romani :)

[source for image: Jessicaklingspor blog article. Isabel Pantoja site: here]

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A Kalderari family. 1930s

Source: Svenko

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Gypsy girls in the street by ~dg2001

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